2015 Honda Ridgeline: Its more than just a pick-up truck

2015 Honda Ridgeline concept release price

One of the best utility trucks from Honda, the Ridgeline has been serving the people’s causes for many years now. The mini truck or what we call pick-up truck was first of its kind from Honda and has gained enormous acceptance all around the world. Honda Ridgeline was specifically designed to help the farmers, sore owners and courier agents make their daily transportation cheaper and easier. With time, the car found importance in urban township too. The car is considered a good choice for people who need a seating space for four and what necessarily they need is a lot of space for goods. 2015 Honda Ridgeline is expected to take the legacy of the Ridgeline model further one step with its innovative and powerful engine accompanied with specific changes for more fuel efficiency.

2015 Honda Ridgeline changes concept 2015 Honda Ridgeline: Its more than just a pick up truck

While the design of the car might not change fully, it will definitely have enhanced features for better acceptance in the coming year. It will house a more appealing pair of headlamps and brighter tail-lamps. Also the front grille is expected to be raised a bit in the newer model for driving convenience. The car is expected to come in refreshing colors. Honda has also planned on making the car more comfortable seating wise and provide better leg space for back setters. While, the basic model may not have many gadgets, Honda plans to imbibe the necessary safety features on all models irrespective of price along with technology add on for the high priced models of the same. 2015 Honda Ridgeline is expected to revolutionize the fuel economy of pick-up trucks with its new design of aluminum body that would be more appealing and lightweight compared to the previous models of the car. The 2015 Honda Ridgeline will have a 3.7 Liter engine that will possible be able to generate about 250 brake horse power. The power unit will have a 6 speed transmission engine, a pioneer amongst pick-up trucks. The car exterior are appealing enough to call it a sports vehicle and not just a pick-up truck. The car has 4 doors and an enchanting look, which sets it apart from the herd of pick-up trucks in the market.

2015 Honda Ridgeline interior view photo 500x333 2015 Honda Ridgeline: Its more than just a pick up truck

2015 Honda Ridgeline Release date and Price

Expected to be presented in some of the automobile shows of 2014, the car is expected to hit the roads around the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. The Ridgeline is priced competitively at around $ 29,375 for the base model and is sure to give a tough time to the other charmless pick-up trucks in the market.

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