2015 Honda Odyssey: A minivan for a family that enjoys travelling together


Honda is one automobile king that manufacturers cars for all countries and continents around the world. The Japanese car maker has been known best for the amazing engine, comfort on the go and the un-parallel performance that its cars provide. For decades Honda has been delivering according to the people’s needs and demands and has always been amongst the top car manufacturers in the world. The Honda Odyssey is one of the most successful minivans in the world of automobile and has been building up its sales and making great reputation for Honda for over 17 years now. The 2015 Honda Odyssey has been announced to be released this fall as the model for 2015. The new Odyssey packs in great features and styling to make the minivan comfortable, competent and admirable like never before.

2015 Honda Odyssey 500x312 2015 Honda Odyssey: A minivan for a family that enjoys travelling together

The new Odyssey would still be the same seven or eight seater car which became so famous about a decade back for its utility and comfortable sitting provision.

2015 Honda Odyssey engine

The 2015 Honda Odyssey hasn’t changed any components in its engine, it still will have its most appreciated 3.5 liter V6 engine that won over the people’s heart and lives with its great performance all the way. The engine would develop a torque of 250 lb-ft and about 248 hp. The car/minivan would have a six speed automatic transmission engine and would have necessarily an all-wheel drive. The Odyssey has reached new milestones where noise cancellation and comfortable sitting are concerned. The car provides exceptionally comfortable ride to all the front and rear passengers with absolutely no to little noise of engine and other disruptions.

2015 honda odyssey interior 500x238 2015 Honda Odyssey: A minivan for a family that enjoys travelling together

2015 Honda Odyssey design and price

The 2015 Honda Odyssey has been designed keeping in mind the new trend of aerodynamic approach in car making to give the cars better handling, grip and control on the roads. The car has a relatively lower platform and larger legroom for the passengers and relatively larger luggage compartment for your utilities. The car has one great dashboard to please the passengers with audio, video and also for catching up with the traffic updates. The odyssey is a great choice for your family if you have too many people in your family and don’t want to let anyone miss an event saying    “There isn’t enough space to accommodate everyone”. The new Odyssey has an all new front grille, new striking LED lamps and new alloy wheels to make the minivan look more compelling. The Odyssey is priced around $ 29,000 for the base price and will be available with better upgrades for $ 10,000 more.

The Honda Odyssey is one great car for a happy go lucky family!!

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