2015 Ford Ranger: The most compelling yet powerful pick-up truck is here

2015 Ford Ranger pickup review release price

The Ford Ranger which was first launched in 1982 by Ford Motors as a pick-up truck has been one of the most powerful pick-up trucks of all time. The utility vehicle from Ford has been blended into many designs since its inception and has been trusted by millions of customers over decades for its amazing power and smart design. The 2015 Ford Ranger will see the beginning of a new era in the line of pick-up trucks from Ford. The Ranger was last modified in 2011 and since then the same model has been up there in the market, though people still are willing to bet their money on it very eagerly. The new model of the amazingly powerful vehicle will surely bring smiles to many a faces!

 2015 Ford Ranger: The most compelling yet powerful pick up truck is here

The 2015 Ford Ranger will embed a powerful 2.5 liter V6 engine with power of around 175 horse power and torque of 180 lb-ft. The Ranger will come with 5 speed manual gearbox and will have enough power to tow vehicles of heavy weight. The wheel base will be slightly increased to provide more power to the truck. Ford has made it a point that they improve the fuel economy of the vehicle by replacing the body with an all-aluminum finish that would give it a brittle finish as well as waive off a lot of weight of the heavy pick-up truck so that it can perform better fuel economy wise. The average fuel economy will be around 25 mpg. The Ford Ranger has always been known for the immense safety measures that it employs for its passengers and the 2015 Ford Ranger will also focus on the same. The car will come with some of the best safety measures like dual air bag, ABS and will also host a comfortable cabin for the people to feel comforted inside the car.

2015 Ford Ranger Release date and Price

The Ranger will come with strikingly sharp LED headlamps and a newly modeled fancy grille. This will be the best pick-up truck in the market most arguably, for it provides all that matters in a pick-up truck- space, power and fuel economy. Not to forget its compelling design gives you even more reasons to like this vehicle. The Ranger expected to be launched in some of the auto shows of 2014 will hit the market around the end of the year as a 2015 welcome change. The 2015 Ranger has been handsomely priced around $ 18,910 and will definitely find more takers than any other brands in the pick-up truck segment.

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