2015 Dodge Ram: The best mini truck comes with an Eco-diesel engine and stylish exteriors

2015 Dodge Ram release date price

Dodge, a division of the Chrysler group has been in the car market since 1914. Founded by John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge, this car maker had always intended to provide its customers with utility and comfort in the car that they build. Maintaining this legacy for exact one century now, the Dodge is planning a revision to its most highly rated mini truck, the Dodge Ram. The Dodge Ram like other mini trucks was built to provide space and power for daily transport of goods from one place to other. With time, they made it a point that they make it as comfortable as possible, for the one sitting inside needs to be treated as human and not goods! Emphasizing the value for customer and the priority for their benefit and comfort the 2015 Dodge Ram is up for release early next year. The car has achieved a major breakthrough in mini truck segments with a full automated and powerful diesel engine. Yes, you heard it right! The mini truck from Dodge will come in a two diesel variants, the Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Ram 3500.

2015 Dodge Ram 1500 photo 500x360 2015 Dodge Ram: The best mini truck comes with an Eco diesel engine and stylish exteriors

2015 Dodge Ram Release date, Price and specs

The fuel efficient diesel engine offered by Dodge is surely going to give the other competitors in the market a run for their money. The 2015 Dodge Ram has already been crowned as the “Truck of Texas”. Under the chrome hood, the car will house a powerful 3 liter, V6 diesel engine that would give a power of around 240 horse power and torque of about 420 lb.-ft. The car will also flaunt an amazingly fuel efficient technology that would give up to 36 miles per gallon on the 1500 variant and around 26 mpg on the 3500 one. The car provides absolute smoothness and classy comfort over long drives and is definitely a way better choice than the mini trucks from Chevrolet or Ford. The head lights of 2015 Dodge Ram look magnificent with halogen projectors for the beams and LED designs for indicators. The car has also been accessorized with latest bumper, tail lamps and broader tires to support more loads on its rear part. The car or mini truck that we call it, starts from a range of $ 24,000 and depending on variants ranges up to $ 35,000. Ready for launch early next year this revolutionizing vehicle is sure to help many people in their daily lives and is definitely going to get more acceptance in the market than its previous models. The 2015 Dodge Ram is truly what we call, a life utility vehicle!

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